About Us


In 2007 five Sydney based construction firms combined their expertise and experience to create the Redband Group. Utilising its size and know-how, the fundamental objective is to provide a quality service and product whilst maximising profit for its stakeholders and investors by operating efficiently, responsibly and sustainably.

Primarily a development and construction specialist, the Redband Group has 5 licensed builders, a qualified architect, civil engineer, marketing experts and access to specialist Architects and engineers, a variety of expert construction consultants and an array of project marketers across NSW. This provides the Redband Group with the capability and flexibility to successfully perform and deliver in a variety of applications and project scale, offering a wide range of services to suit the dynamic construction industry.

Whether you are an investor looking for solid returns; a small or large corporation requiring professional contract work or it’s your first project, the Redband Group and its associated entities are ready to guide and assist you through the processes.