As our mission statement says "our goal is to outperform our shareholders, customers and investors expectations".

At Redband you are dealing with young, honest, experienced and an enthusiastic group of professionals. Our partners include 5 Licensed Builders, a qualified architect, Licensed Real Estate Agents and a link to a team of affiliated in-house and external Architects, Engineers and other industry related consultants. We offer a total package solution, from concept to completion.

For our investors we aim to keep it simple, transparent and most importantly profitable.

Often simplicity is the key. We have a number of unique investment strategies and our goal is for the investor to grow with Redband. Unlike other investments with other companies we offer our investors the opportunity to become the developer alongside Redband. Put simply, if the proposed investment suits your needs and criteria then you pay what we pay for the property. We buy and develop the property together. The investor then has the choice of either keeping the end product or selling. From that point you have the choice of re-investing or taking out your money. The choice is simply yours.

Being transparent in our opinion is essential in a successful partnership. With all investment opportunities that Redband has to offer, a written partnership agreement will be agreed upon and signed. All projects will have an independent valuation and quantity surveyors report. Full project feasibility will be provided. These reports will form part of the agreement and will determine the formula for percentage of ownership and profit projections.

Each project that Redband and its investors venture into must strictly show minimum returns. If these returns aren’t justified then the project will be considered unfeasible. As a potential investor the potential returns will be clearly shown prior to any commitment. Our policy is, if it isn’t feasible for us than its not suitable for our clients.

Redband Group are keen to look at joint venture opportunities. If you have a property and are looking for a partner or if you would like to partner us with one of our developments please contact

For more information on any investment opportunities or if you would like to receive our investment information memorandum please contact