Albert St - Parramatta




Project Manager

Marscon Pty Ltd


Architects H + B

Zhinar Design


Austress Freysinett
Webcon Pty Ltd


Marscon Pty Ltd



Fully air conditioned 4 x 3 bedroom residential, 42 x 2 bedroom residential units plus 3 x commercial spaces of 1200m2 over 10 levels including a single basement and 3 lifts.

This building is recognized as the gateway into Parramatta from the North, Pennant hills road, Albert St and Church Street Junctions. It was designed by Architects H + B from Neutral Bay in the late 1990’s and is still one of the most unusual Residential High Rise Apartments design in the Parramatta Area.  The building materials and structural design supervised by the project Architects Zhinar Design of Rosehill also reflected the modern theme with the use of Post Tensioned concrete slabs, lightweight Masonry Hebel Walling Systems which gave superior Fire, Acoustic and Thermal properties to the building. These building techniques not only were chosen for cost effectiveness during construction but also the long term durability and maintenance of the building.